Michael Baranowski, MD

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Medical School:  Oakland University William Beaumont

Interesting Fact: I've been rock climbing in 6 states.

Jonathan Eisen, DO

Hometown: Dallas, TX 

Medical School:  University of North Texas

Interesting Fact: Squirrels are my favorite animal.

Zachary Glenn, MD

Hometown: Madison, MS

Medical School:  University of Mississippi

Interesting Fact: I sampled Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace” in a song before Kendrick Lamar made Poetic Justice.

Eden Hamayoun, DO

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Medical School:  Lincoln Memorial University - Debusk

Interesting Fact: I've ridden a camel before.

Rose-Krystel Hegngi, MD

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA

Medical School:  Medical College of Georgia

Interesting Fact: I'm addicted to coffee.

Jay Hogan, MD

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Medical School:  University of Florida

Interesting Fact: None

Jarryd Keffler, MD

Hometown: Denver, CO

Medical School:  University of South Carolina

Interesting Fact: I've snowboarded down a glacier.

Timothy Marcus, MD

Hometown: Kentwood, LA

Medical School:  American University of the Caribbean

Interesting Fact: If you use the words "quiet" or "slow" in the ER, bad things will happen.

Macy McNabb, DO

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Medical School:  Lincoln Memorial University - Debusk

Interesting Fact: I majored in French, and you can find me doing baking challenges on my days off.

Lauren Theriot, MD

Hometown: Eunice, LA

Medical School:  LSU - Shreveport

Interesting Fact: I have six little sisters!

Brittany Wippel, MD

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Medical School:  Oregon Health & Science University

Interesting Fact: I worked in Outback Steakhouse in Sydney, Australia.

Paul Wood, MD

Hometown: Jefferson, LA

Medical School:  LSU - New Orleans

Interesting Fact: Amateur windchime maker, boating enthusiast